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Show up!

November 15, 2018

Joining two other artist-crafters for a show on December 2. Stop by if you’re in the area.

7x5 postcard


long division

September 25, 2018


Another artist “free-cycled” a box full of various smallish boards, already gessoed and sanded.┬áThe rigid base allows for experiments with more dimensionality. A multi-drawer cabinet purchase from ReStore included bonus masses of hardware: so much that several donations and gifts were made and there’s still more than enough to go crazy with it all. Starting slowly with the vintage thumbtacks and threaded rods used here.


a toast

September 24, 2018


the darkness

September 5, 2018


equal and opposite

September 3, 2018

A photo: Teacher’s College Wesleyan 1895 written on the back but crossed out. Mysterious.


of water and sky

July 21, 2018

Birthday gift for a friend who loves her place on the Bay.

Acrylic paint, ink and collage on balsa wood.



July 3, 2018

Tiny canvases from an estate sale, paint from an old lamp, Japanese paper samples (including the one with embedded butterfly!), wishbones, porcelain leg, signs of the times. Hope those wishbones work.


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